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The Life Mastery Series

Empowerment, Enlightenment & Ascension

What you can expect to discover inside these products

Each course specifically targets the areas that we get hungup on in trying to take our life to the next level

  • Program One: The Best Life Blueprint is the Big Picture. Each module is designed to give you the awareness and ability to overcome self-limiting beliefs, discover your true self and potential, and begin designing your best life. It is recommended everyone start here to uncover the full life balance formula. This is Empowerment

  • Program Two: The Best Self Blueprint is developed to deep dive into discovering just how amazing you are, and uncover what it is you were born to do, and recapture the dreams that light you on fire. This is Enlightenment

  • Program Three: The Best Day Blueprint reveals how, through consistent intentionality & focus, you can experience deep levels of satisfaction, peace, joy, fulfillment and accomplishment every day. Self Master is the key to Ascension


  • What is Nikaos

    Nikaos is a Greek word meaning overcomer or conquerer. It is the name of my coaching business and the foundation of my life's purpose both personally and professionally. Most of us spend our lives fighting to overcome the external challenges of daily living but rarely stop to realize that if we master our internal worlds, the external stuff will work itself out.

  • What is the LIfe Mastery Series

    The Life Mastery Series is a comprehensive 3-step process. First is to take ownership for our role in our life's outcomes and begin uncovering the negative thinking patterns and self-limiting beliefs that keep us stuck on a treadmill, working hard but getting nowhere. Second is to discover and embrace who we are, why we were born, what we can do, and get serious about developing our best life. And lastly, we will learn how to live each day fully alive and experience all life has to offer, and with that experience deep levels of fulfillment and inner-peace

  • Do I need to purchase the entire series

    No, technically each of the 3 programs are stand alone regarding the topic they address. Of course, taking the entire journey is recommended as each builds upon the other, however, everyone is at different stages in their self-awareness journey so you may be able to itendify the exact module that could help launch you into your next level.

  • Who do I contact if I have more questions before making a decision

    Being a new startup I will make the time to address any inquiries in person; no staff, no automated systems. Simply go to my coaching website and fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page ( and I will get back to you within 24 hours.